Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rocktop Crusher

Another evil turtle! Pretty soon I will have enough enemies painted for a 5 hero game

Step 1: Grey primer.

Step 2: Naggaroth Night, The Fang, and Deathworld Forest.

Step 3: I only washed the parts with detail on the model. I skipped over flat areas of skin.

Step 4: I drybrushed the shell with Xereus Purple, layered the skin with Thunderhawk Blue, and layered Ogryn Camo on the claws.

Step 5: I Drybrushed the shell with Genestealer Purple, layered the skin with Russ Grey, and highlighted the claws with Ushabti Bone.


The shell got a final drybrush of lucious lilac, highlighted the skin with Fenrisian grey, and gave him a Mephiston Red eye.

Sorry about the focus issue.. I don't know why I didn't put red eyes on the other turtles. I will have to go back and fix it.

A much better pic of the finished piece.

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