Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rocktop Bombadier

More evil turtles! How cool is this guy? I don't even know what he does, but he is a sweet model. He is a bit top heavy though. I might have to add some weight to the base.

Alternating fun models like these with Warmachine models helps keep me from getting burnt out on painting.

Step 1:  Sorry about the blurry pic...good thing this is just the primer shot.

Step 2: Basecoated with Naggaroth Night, The Fang, Mechanicus Standard Grey, and Steel Legion Drab on the wood handle and the strap holding the cannon on his back. The Cannon is basecoated with Dark Reaper and stippled with Mournfang Brown and Daemonette Hide.

Step 3: He got a bath in Agrax Earthshade.

Step 4: First Layer. Xereus Purple, Thunderhawk Blue, and some Squig Orange on the rusty cannon. The cannon ball got a spot highlight of Stormvermin Fur. I did an edge highlight on the stone platform with Administratum Grey.

Step 5: Second Layer: Russ Grey and Genestealer Purple.

Finished! I drybrushed the entire cannon assembly with Longbeard Grey. I drybrushed the shell with Lucious Lilac. I gave the skin a highlight of Fenrisian Grey. I put a white catch light in the eyeball, and gave the cannon ball a small highlight of Administratum Grey.

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