Friday, March 29, 2013

Rockgut the Troll

Here is the mini boss from the Caverns of Roxor expansion set. He is almost completely done with drybrushing, which makes him very simple to paint. Here is how I finished him up:

Step 1: Brush on Primer

Step 2: I basecoated him with Troll Slayer Orange, The Fang, and Steel Legion Drab. I basecoated the base and the bracers with Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Step 3: I washed the troll with Carroburg Crimson. I also washed part of the base near his fiery foot with Carroburg Crimson.

Step 4: I overbrushed the flames with Troll Slayer, and the skin with Thunderhawk Blue. I put some edge highlights on the bracers with Administratum Grey.

Step 5: I overbrushed the flames with Fire Dragon Bright, and the skin with Russ Grey. I washed the rest of the base with Nuln Oil.

Finished! I drybrushed the flames with Kindleflame, and the skin with Etherium Blue. Then I lined the flagstones with Administratum Grey. He got a red eye too.

I lined the red washed stones with Fire Dragon to finish off the glow effect.

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