Monday, March 18, 2013

P Sorcha

I purchased the 2 player battle box for Warmachines awhile ago to bulk up my Menoth forces, but also came out of it with more Khador. My Sorcha model was painted years and years ago, and leaves a lot to be desired, so this month I picked her to be the warcaster for my Batallion Challenge.

Be prepared, there are a lot of pics here.

Step 1: My usual beginning of Grey Primer. She is on one of my rubble bases with bricks.

Step 2: Here she is basecoated. The christmas scheme is troubling, but it gets better.

Step 3: She is washed here. Unlike a trooper model that gets one color of wash, she was washed with 4 of the GW Washes. Carroburg Crimson on the red armor. Reikland Fleshshade on the skin. Agrax Earthshade on the metal, pouches, and base, and Nuln oil on the fur trim.

Step 4: This is the start of the red painting. This is Screamer Pink.

Step 5: I want to bridge the gap from the cool red to a warm Khador Red. I paint 50% of the red area with Wazdaaka Red.

Step 6: Now I am switching to the warm red. I am going to paint over nearly all of the Wazdaaka Red with Evil Sun Scarlet. I also put an edge highlight of Evil Sun Scarlet on all of the red plates.

Step 7: Now a final highlight of Wild Rider Red.

Step 8: Starting on the field grey with a basecoat of Waaagh Flesh. I didn't wash the cloth areas.

Step 9: On a large area like cloaks, I add some glazing medium into my paint to smooth out transitions. I add a small brush full of Ulthuan Grey to the basecoat and start layering.

Step 10: I add more Ulthuan Grey to the mix and keep on layering. Notice the "Sculpting" of the folds on the left side. They aren't on the model, but they help to break up the flat area.

Step 11: I add Ulthuan Grey to the mix again, and put a final highlight on the cloth.

Step 12: Here is a shot of the other red greave.

Step 13: I am starting on the hammer now. This is Mechanicus Standard grey. The areas with detail got a wash, the flat areas of the handle did not.

Step 14: I put an edge highlight on the hammer and the pommel, and a thin line highlight on the haft with Administratum Grey.

Step 15: Now I put on a finer highlight of Ulthuan Grey on the weapon. Don't put as much on as the last step.

Step 16: Some Reaper Mint Green in the slots on the hammer.


I tried to do a tutorial for the gold on her shoulders, but all of the pics came out blurry...

She is ready to bring the cold!

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