Thursday, March 21, 2013

Man O War Shock Troopers

Since this turned into Khador month for me, I decided to get these guys painted up. They have a different color scheme than my Winterguard. They fit into the "Walls ahead, Rubble behind" force, headed up by Irusk.

Here is how I got him combat ready.

Step 1: Rustoleum Grey Primer followed by an overbrush of Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Step 2: I basecoated him with Stegadon Scale Grey, Screamer Pink, and Dryad Bark.

Step 3: He got a wash of Nuln Oil.

Step 4: the first layer consists of Wazdakka Red, Thunderhawk Blue, and Tallarn Sand. The steel got an edge highlight of Administratum Grey.

Step 5: I brighten up the reds with Evil Sun Scarlet. I highlight the blues with Fenrisian Grey, and I add some Reaper Palomino Gold to the trim pieces.


The Red got a highlight of Wild Rider Red. The steel got an edge highlight of Ulthuan Grey, and the gold got a final highlight of Ungor Flesh. a couple of muted colors and a drybrush finish off the base.

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