Monday, March 11, 2013

Grundback Gunner

With the infantry completed in my Winter's Hammer Task Force, and a batallion of Winterguard getting painted this month, I decided to buckle down and get my Forgeguard painted up for next months pledge.

Since I am afflicted with Model Creep, I rationalized that there is no reason to paint one unit of dwarves unless I was going to paint at least a 35 point army to accompany them....When the boost for this months Muse on Mini's challenge was 2 light 'jacks, it was as good a time as any to start building my dwarf army.

While funny looking, they are very unique, and were a blast to paint. Here is how I did it.

Step 1: Since I don't have a dwarf army yet, I had to develop a color scheme. I liked the khaki studio scheme, so I decided to stick with that as my main armor color. I wanted an accent color to help them pop on the battlefield. I pretty much have an army based around each color (or like 4 armies based around blue....). The only color I am lacking is orange, so that became my accent color. And when I think of dwarves I think about metal, so I went with a dark grey color to complete my triad.

Karak Stone, Squig Orange, Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Step 2: Here is the basecoated Gunner. Fairly simple. All of the metal got the grey. The gold trim got basecoated with Dryad Bark. The armor got painted with Steel Legion Drab, and the head got painted with the Squig Orange.

Those big feet didn't fit onto any of my resin bases well, so he is sitting on a clump of millput that got pressed into a sanding sponge.

Step 3: He got a wash of Agrax Earthshade. I glued a few pieces of kitty litter on his base before the wash.

Step 4: First layer. Baneblade Brown on the armor, Tallarn Sand on the gold, Dawnstone on the metal, and a 50/50 mix of Squig Orange and Troll Slayer for the head.

Step 5: Second Layer. Karak Stone on the armor, Administratum Grey on the metal, Troll Slayer on the Head, and Reaper Palomino Gold on the Gold.

Step 6: Highlights. Ulthuan grey on the metal, Ungor Flesh on the gold, Screaming Skull on the armor, and Ungor Flesh on the head.

Step 7: No for some details. I put on some rust, some battle damage, some oxidization on the gold, and a rune on each shoulder.

Step 8: I painted the ground with XV 88. Then I drybrushed Terminatus Stone over everything, and Longbeard Grey on the rocks. He got 2 colors of static grass and a couple of leaves. A highland tuft would look good here, but I forgot to bring some with me.

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