Monday, March 4, 2013

Cryx Bases

My good friend Brice has recently taken a break from Trollbloods and started hitting the battlefield with some Cryxian Legions. I decided to make a block of molds for his army with a creepy theme, so I carved some skeletons on them.

These bases were basecoated with Ushabti Bone. Then I washed them with Biel Tan Green. Next I washed the skeletons, rocks, stones, etc with Nuln Oil. I drybrushed everything with Tyrant Skull. Then I drybrushed the skeletons with Praxeti White, and the stones with Longbeard Grey.

I like to keep my bases rather flat. Flatter bases are easier to mount your figures on than more detailed bases. You can always add more details to a base.

Here is the large base. I sculpted these out of Milliput.

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