Friday, March 15, 2013

Burning Gel

I am plugging away at my Winterguard unit, but I didn't figure that you would want to see them over and over, so I picked up another Denizen from Super Dungeon Explore and worked up a tutorial for painting him. This is basically the same process used to paint the fire gel, but there is a lot more room to add details here.

Step 1: He is primed with a brush on primer.

Step 2: I basecoated him in Averland Sunset. It took 2 coats. The base got painted with Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Step 3: I painted the gel with Troll Slayer Orange. This took 2 coats. I hate oranges and yellows...

Step 4: I gave him a wash of Carroburg Crimson. I like the cool red of this wash for making fire effects. I should have washed the nearest flagstones with this as well...I guess I will on the next one.

Step 5: I started building up layers with Troll Slayer again. This took me 2 coats. Notice how I painted the eyebrows, leaving the brow lines to add an extra dimension to the mini, even though it isn't sculpted in. Tricks like that help a lot to break up large, smooth areas.

Step 6:  Now I added a layer with Fire Dragon Bright. The "Sculpting" is more noticeable here.

Step 7: And finally a highlight with Ungor Flesh brings it all together.

Step 8: I added some extra depth to the shadow areas by adding some Genestealer Purple. Adding a contrasting color to the shadows is a good way to add some 'pop' to a model.

Step 9: I basecoated the eyes with Ulthuan Grey. This actually needs to be a bit darker, but I guess it was too late for me to realize it when I painted him. I re-painted the eyes with Celestra grey after the pic was taken. This still looks pretty good though.

Step 10: I added a highlight of White Scar to the eyes. You can't see it very well against the Ulthuan Grey....

Step 11: Now on to the base. I did an edge highlight on all of the stones with Administratum Grey. While I was working on the eyes, I washed the base with Nuln Oil.

Step 12: I wanted to make a glow effect, so I painted over some of the edges with Troll Slayer.

Step 13: I painted over some of the Troll Slayer with Fire Dragon to complete the effect.


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