Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WIP: Judicator Midtones

With only 3 more days before I have to turn in my Muse on Mini's pledge, I feverishly got to work on the Judicator. Once the basecoating is done, it is pretty smooth sailing from there. I started all of the colors in the middle of their spectrum. I normally paint from dark to light, but I am going to give this method a try.

You may notice that his rocket pods are missing their hatches. I made an executive decision and left them off. .I know that half of them would be broken off after my first game.

Step 1: I primed him with Tamiya. It is 3 times the cost of the Rustoleum that I normally use, but it leaves a nice tooth for the basecoat to grip too. I like to leave these huge models off their bases for the majority of the painting, and only mount them as I am doing the final stages. This lets me get all of the nooks and crannies on these big dudes.

Step 2: I used my airbrush to lay down a coat of Reaper Green Ochre. I am transitioning my paint collection from GW to Reaper, but that is a topic for a different discussion. If I wasn't in such a hurry, I could have airbrushed each part its appropriate color and then assembled them, but I'm not that smart. After the photo, I went back in with a brush and painted all the spots that the airbrush missed.

Step 3: I finished the basecoating this afternoon when I got done working. I used Reaper Palomino Gold on the Gold areas (despite the name, it is not a metallic paint!) Thunderhawk Blue on the Menofixes, Straken Green around the Menofixes, Screamer Pink on the sanguine areas, and Mechanicus Standard Grey on the steel parts. The eyes and that thing on his back got some Troll Slayer Orange.

I am going to take some photos of it without a flash to use for a reference when figuring out the shadows and lights.

Despite having been to 3 tournaments so far this year, I have yet to encounter a Judicator that is beyond black primer. This is really going to look great.

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