Monday, February 18, 2013

Star Guild Sapper

The last hero from the new expansion, this guy is tough! He has the option to deal 2 damage with an attack rather than 1!

He kinda reminds me of Mario with the overalls. For the denim color, I used Thunderhawk blue, layered with Russ Grey, and then highlighted with Fenrisian Grey.

I don't think that I had any orange heroes yet, so I made his bandana orange. It is a hard color to paint, as the GW orange colors aren't very opaque. I basecoated the bandana with Mournfang Brown, then layered with Wild Rider red (twice), layered with Troll Slayer Orange (twice), and then highlighted with  Fire dragon bright (twice)

The metal kneepads, trim, and pommel are treated with my 'Old Iron' technique. The hammer head was basecoated with The Fang, and then i just put some edge highlights on it with Administratum Grey. The faces of the hammer were layered with Administratum Grey, and then Ulthuan Grey.

I was really pleased with the results on this guy. I love painting these models.

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