Friday, February 1, 2013

Retribution Terrain: Obstacles

Obstacles are one of my favorite pieces of terrain. I like having more pieces of small terrain on the board rather than fewer pieces of large terrain. When I place obstacles, I usually place them in pairs on the board.

For the Retribution obstacles, I decided to make them look like chunks of old Retribution forts or towers that have fallen into the forest.

Step 1: I shaped pieces of pink foam and glued them to 2"-3" shapes of MDF.

Step 2: Using a pencil, I draw on the runes.

Step 3: I paint them with Delta Ceramcote Seafoam Green and then stipple on white.

Step 4: I use Reaper Aqua Mint to highlight the runes.

Step 5: I finish up the painting by stippling on some moss and adding the acrylic gems.

Step 6: I flock the bases up with mod Podge and our flock blend.

Step 7: Put them on the battlefield!

They look pretty sweet. Here is a closer shot.

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