Friday, February 8, 2013

Retribution Terrain: Hills

Another piece to our Retribution map completed. It is hard to make a hill that looks good and is still functional. Unfortunately, PP models are typically top heavy and always tip over on any sort of incline. I make my hills with two layers of 1/8" MDF. The second layer helps signify the increase in elevation and make is stand apart from my other pieces of area terrain.

I wanted to make a ruined fort or watchtower on the hill but it would be too impractical for gameplay. Instead, I glued some 'flagstones' down to the hill to give them some color and character.

Step 1: I glued the hilltop piece to the hill base with woodglue. I cut up a cardboard box into rectangles and glued them into a flagstone pattern on the hilltop.

Step 2: After the glue was all dry, I put a layer of Mod Podge over the 'flagstones'

Step 3: Then I painted the entire surface with my earth tone latex paint.

Step 4: I guess my camera minion was lazy, because I only have the final picture. I drybrushed the flagstones grey and then white, and flocked the hill.  I used a greener flock on the hilltop to help it stand out. 

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