Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am thinking this guy took around 15 hours... I am really happy with how he looks though. This was a tough model to paint with all NMM and the shading on the plate armor. I didn't put any battle damage on him though, I couldn't bring myself to mess up the pretty new colossal....Maybe after his first game I will add some damage and more dust.

The shield was a good surface to work up some extreme shading.

I looke at some metal pipe before I painted his organ pipes/smokestacks. I decided that a think line of highlight would look best. The steel is Mechanicus Standard Grey, then I painted in the shadows with Dark Reaper. I painted the highlight with Reaper Misty Grey.

The menofixes got a line highlight of Fenrisian Grey.

The NMM on the organ pipes was kind of tough to get, but I think they turned out good. The final highlights are 1:4 Palomino Gold and Linen White.

I tried out a weathering powder on the rocket pods. This is MIG Black Smoke. Unfortunately, the powder got all over the place and I had to do some washing on the model. I like the effect the powder gives, and I plan to use some more of it on models.

Good thing the Muse on Mini's deadline was today, or I probably couldn't have put this guy down. I will probably pick at him some more, but he is ready to destroy some infidels.

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