Monday, February 4, 2013

Holy Zealots

I'm not sure how long I have been playing Menoth, but I have used these guys quite a bit, and have been too lazy to paint them....until now! I painted four of them earlier when I was developing my Menoth color scheme, but haven't touched them since.

They are painted with a pretty quick method that gives tabletop quality results without much effort. I basecoat everything, then wash the entire model with Seraphim Sepia. After the wash dries, I highlight everything back up with 2 layers of color.

The first four are painted with metallic paints, but since I can't use them this year, I had to do some NMM on the bombs, mace, and greave. It is a simpler, 3 step NMM, but looks good.

I was trying to stay away from using a bunch of red in my army, but I gave the choir priest a red hood to help him stand out on the battlefield.

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