Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fire Gel Tutorial

Sorry this didn't go up yesterday as planned, but it took me longer to figure out the paint scheme than I thought it would. Painting fire is always tricky, but I found a pretty simple way to make a good looking Fire Gel.

Step 1: I undercoat the gel with Averland Sunset and the base with Mechanicus Standard Grey. I use as big of a brush as possible when basecoating to speed things up. This is a cheap 1/4" flat brush from a hobby store.

Step 2: I basecoat the gel with Troll Slayer Orange. It took me 2 coats to get good coverage.

Step 3: I washed the gel with Carroburg Crimson.

Step 4: I reclaimed most of the orange with Troll Slayer once more. These GW oranges aren't very opaque..

Step 5: I layered on Fire Dragon Bright.

Step 6: I highlighted the gel with Ungor Flesh...looking good.

Step 7: I painted the eyes with Pallid Wych Flesh. It has a purple cast to it, which will contrast well with the fiery body of the gel.

Step 8: Here I washed the base with Nuln Oil.

Step 9: I lined the eyes with Druuchi Violet.

Step 10: I edged the stones with Administratum Grey and some Fire Dragon Bright

Step 11: I highlighted the eyes with White Scar. Finished!

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