Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deeproot Scout

Gonna start painting up the Caves of Roxor expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. When I looked through the 3 new characters, this guy caught my eye. He is basically Link, complete with a boomerang that can grab treasure chests and drag them closer. He is probably the most balanced hero in the game.

I could have painted him green, but my favorite Link is from 'A Link to the Past' after he gets the blue mail. The tunic is Caledor Sky, layered with Alaitoc blue, and Hoeth blue, and highlighted with Fenrisian grey. The cap, boots, belt, and scabbard are Steel Legion Drab, layered with Tallarn sand, and highlighted with Karak Stone. His sleeves and pants are Zandri Dust, layered with Ushabti bone, and highlighted with screaming skull. As always, there are no metallics on the mini.

Yeah, I gave him a mirror shield!

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