Friday, January 11, 2013

Terrain Workshop: Retribution Forests

The first piece to my Retribution terrain set, the forests. I wanted my Retribution terrain to stand out from the more generic pieces, so I added a lot of white marble chunks with power nodes in them. I think they look sharp on the table.

Step 1: Using a razor blade, i cut my marble shapes from foam chunks.

Step 2: Using a pencil, I drew on some circles and swirly lines, making sure to put a good dent in the foam.

Step 3: Use tacky glue to mount the foam to your forest stands. I always use forest stands on my terrain. Static trees look good, but can really mess up movement during gameplay.

Step 4: I basecoat the marble. I believe this is Delta Ceramcoat Seafoam green.

Step 5: This is kind of hard to see, but using a piece of blister foam, I stipple pure white onto the top half of each marble chunk.

Step 6: Using Reaper's Aqua Mint, I paint in the swirls.

Step 7: I add a bit of moss to the blocks.

Step 8: I glue on primed acrylic gems for the power nodes. Tacky glue again.

Step 9: The gems get a simple 3 step paint job, and I glue the trees to the bases. Half of the trees are bare. The artwork in the faction book showed lots of bare trees,

Step 10: Using the flock we made before, I flock the entire forest template. I don't add anything else to these. Any extra details such as bushes, skulls, rocks, grasses, etc can be put on the tree stands. These need to be functional for playing with top heavy models.

Step 11: We flocked the forest stands too.

Step 12: Put them on the gaming table!

They look pretty darn good.

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