Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore Review

As you know, I picked this game up in November, and painted enough pieces for the three player game. Over the holidays, I got to play it 8 times, though we only ever had 2 heroes. The heroes never won the game though. Each run through was with a different combination of heroes, but it didn’t seem to help!
For those of you that don’t know, Super Dungeon Explore is a board game with chibi anime style pieces and gameplay similar to the Gauntlet video games. One player is the Consul, the evil mastermind of the dungeon, and he controls the monsters during the game. Each other player controls a hero during the adventure.  There are 8 heroes to choose from in the original game, each one with a unique set of spells, attacks, and abilities.  

The Consul gets to place one spawning point on the board for each player. The spawning points spew out infinite monsters in an attempt to destroy the heroes. If the players destroy all of the spawning points, they summon the final boss. If they defeat him, (Starfire could be a she I guess) they win the game. The Consul wins when all of the heroes are slain. 

The designers did a great job creating the feel of a video game, as each monster slain and each roll of the dice result in hearts, potions, or other treasures ‘dropping’ as the players fight monsters and loot the bodies. Each of the treasures make the hero stronger in one way or another, and prepare them to fight the last boss.
I was attracted to the game because of the mini’s. They are beautiful models, especially Starfire, and refreshing to paint. The downside of the game is the $100 price tag, but they give you a lot of models, dice, tiles, and tokens, so it is well worth it.  

I did receive the expansion ‘Caverns of Roxor’ for Christmas, and will start painting that up as soon as possible. It contains 3 new heroes to play, and over 30 new monsters!

If you are looking for a new game to get, or have been looking at this one and hesitant to buy it, my gaming group and I recommend it. I like having a good selection of board games available for those game nights when you aren’t in the mood to war game or just want something light hearted to fill the evening. If you want to see the game in action, search on YouTube for the ‘Watch it Played’ channel and you watch an entire game. I hope this was a helpful review, and plan to do more in the future.

*Disclaimer…nobody pays me or asks me to do these. I just like to share things that I enjoy or find useful.

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