Thursday, January 24, 2013

Retribution Terrain: Marsh

Marshes are an interesting terrain feature for a battlefield. I usually only put one marsh on the board when I set up terrain. I think it is a bit unfair to WM players when the board is filled with water features. When I play with marshes they grant concealment and are rough terrain. I dislike terrain that gives a penalty but not a benefit.

Step 1: I basecoated the marsh shapes with a custom brown latex paint, and then added a patch of darker brown near the center to represent deeper water.

Step 2: I added some Woodland Scenics pine trees to the smaller shape with tacky glue. These have been primed with grey and then drybrushed white.

Step 3: I add the flock blend around the base of the outer shape.

Step 4: I put a semi-gloss on the "water" and added a piece of Ret Rubble with an acrylic gem. Looks pretty sweet.

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