Sunday, January 20, 2013

Painting Tutorial: Wold Painting

I have had this Wold Guardian sitting around for awhile in grey primer, so I thought I could paint him up as 2nd large model for my Battalion Challenge. I was thinking of a fast, easy way to paint stone, so I grabbed a piece of blister sponge and went to work!

Step 1: I basecoated him in Skavenblight Dinge. It is a grey-brown for those of you that don't use GW.

Step 2: Using the blister sponge, I stippled him all over with Dawnstone.

Step 3: Using the sponge technique again, I stippled his upper surfaces with Administratum Grey.

Step 4: Using a large drybrush, I drybrushed him all over with Terminatus Stone. The stone is done that easily!

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