Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gem Tutorial

Lots of fantasy models include gems on them, wizard staves, sword hilts, fancy shields, etc... and painting them to look good is pretty easy. They can really help give a model a 'finished' look.

I have broken down gem painting into two methods, the 3 step, and the 5 step. I generally use the 3 step for small gems and the 5 step for larger ones. Enjoy.

Step 1: This is a red gem, so I basecoated it in a dark purple. I like to use a cool color for the first layer.

Step 2: I painted roughly 50% of the gem red. Try to leave the dark area in a round shape. I like to keep the dark area near the top of the gem. Not sure how realistic it is, but it looks sharp.

Step 3: Add a white dot near the top of the gem. Finished! Wherever you put the white dot, make sure it is touching the dark area for maximum contrast.

Step 1: Now on to the 5 step gem. I start with a cool dark green for the basecoat.

Step 2: Paint 60% of the gem with a lighter green.

Step 3: Inside that green, I layer an even brighter green.

Step 4: I mixed some white into my last color for a final layer.

Step 5: Add a white dot to the dark area. Done!

After you spray your model with matte varnish, go back and paint the gems with a gloss coat to make them shiny again.

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