Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy Winter Base

Since my Circle army has a bit of a wintery theme, I thought I would turn the base that I did the forest demo on into a winter base and put my Wold Guardian on him.

I first did snow bases using baking soda and white glue, but those turned yellow after about a year, so I would advise against that. Use white paint and texture gel or one of the new snow products available.

Step 1: Here is the original base.

Step 2: I drybrushed a few spots with white. I made the mistake with my first Circle pieces of putting too much snow on the bases. It looks better with some more contrast.

Step 3: Add a mix of white paint and texture gel to a couple of areas on the base. If you want, sprinkle some snow flock around sparingly. Don't go overboard with the snow!

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