Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dawnguard Painting

I needed to come up with a quick way to get my Dawnguard painted and have them still look good. Since drybrushing and washing are probably the most efficient painting techniques that we have access too, those are what I concentrated on.

I apologize for the backdrop color, it seemed like it would be darker...

Step 1: I basecoated the model with Celestra Grey.

Step 2: I overbrushed (heavy drybrush) the model with Ulthuan Grey.

Step 3: I drybrushed the model White Scar.

Step 4: I painted the remainder of the model. Steel Legion Drab, Death World Forest, Daemonette Hide, and Sotek Green.

Step 5: I washed all of the non-white piece with Agrax Earthshade except for the sword.

Step 6: I drybrushed each individual element with the appropriate color and filled in the runes with thinned down Aqua Mint from Reaper. I drybrushed some Steel Legion Drab on his knees and legs.

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