Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Battle Report: Feora 1 vs Nemo 1

Feora vs Nemo
35 pts
2013 incursion

Feora 1
Min Choir
Max Bastions
Epic Eyriss
Theorycrafting: I have been toying around with Feora lists for awhile, but haven’t managed to get her on the field before tonight. I put in the Heirophant, Wracks, and Avatar for some focus efficiency. Being only 6 focus is a bit rough. The Heirophant allows me to cast Hex Hammer, Ignite, and give out 2 focus for running on turn 1.
The Templar was added in for his beat back ability combined with Burning Effigy. This gives him a good anti infantry threat in addition to his good anti armor threat.
I brought in the bastions for my infantry because I wanted an ignite target that could last long enough to get to the enemy.
Saxon is there for pathfinder, because he can hit a model or unit, unlike Rupert, and give Feora pathfinder in case she does an Engine of Destruction charge.
Epic Eyriss is there to strip upkeeps since I am lacking purification.
Nemo 1
2x Stormblades

Turn 1
We both ran up. Mark put a unit of stormblades on each flank. The Minuteman runs around the structure on my left, the Thunderhead, Nemo, squire, and Journeyman are in the center. The Lancer is with a unit of Stormblades on my right. I ran Bastions and a Repenter on my left flank with the avatar and Temlar in the center.
Turn 2
The flag on my left dissapears
I can’t charge anything, so I move up some sacrifices. The Repenter sprays at some stormblades, the avatar moves forward and puts up Menoth’s Gaze, and the Templar moves towards the flag on the right. Feora puts up a wall of fire in front of the gazed Stormblades.  Eyriss shoots the Thunderhead, removing Disruption Field and giving him disruption. Choir keeps Passage up on the jacks.  
A unit of Stormblades assaults into my bastions, doing some decent damage.  The Thunderhead moves forward and pulses, damaging some Bastions, Eyriss, the Repenter, and the Avatar.  The minuteman moves up and finishes off Eyriss with flak.  The Lancer moves towards the center of the board. Nemo hits my Repenter with Voltaic Snare, ensaring the Avatar in the process.  He then uses his feat, which puts decent damage on all three of my ‘jacks. The Stormblades on my right run to contest the flag.
Turn 3
The great part of playing against Nemo is that your ‘jacks are always disrupted, so you don’t have to worry about focus allocation. The Templar kills a stormblade. The Avatar moves into b2b with the Repenter and kills the stormblade engaging the repenter. The repenter  fires a spray into the stormblades on my left to free up my bastions to charge the Thunderhead. Of course, one of them refuses to die, so Saxon fires a shot and misses because he is engaged. In the end, I have to move Feora over to boost an Immolation to finish him off. She also pops her feat and catches all of Marks army except for Nemo, Squire, and the Journeyman.
The Bastions charge into the cluster of enemy in front of them. Two of them hit the Thunderhead, two of them hit stormblades, and one is engaged with the Minuteman so he stays to fight him.
When Mark starts his turn, all but two of the stormblades on the board die to fire. He has a shot to assassinate Feora here, not a good one, but he goes for it. He loads the Lancer up with 5 focus and starts his turn. The Thunderhead moves up and does his electric pulse, and with the help of good dice, puts more damage on my jacks, knocking out the Repenters gun. With my ‘jacks looking weak, Mark shifts his tactics and charges the Lancer into my left flank instead of at my caster.
Turn 4
Looking at the board is a grim sight for me. I have a Templar on a flag, but pretty far from the combat, my other two ‘jacks are magnetized together, and all of my infantry are gone. I have a chance to assassinate Nemo, but it is a long one. He is on a hill with Arcane Shield up. He doesn’t have any focus though, because 3 of it is still sitting on the Lancer! I have to roll 10’s to hit, and get two good damage rolls. As it turns out, the dice gods were on my side, and I left Nemo burnt to a crisp on a hilltop!
Mark never fails to be a worthy opponent. He had the upper hand at the end of the battle for sure, and I barely clawed my way to victory. I have been playing gunlines lately, so this army felt very strange. The hitting power of the Bastions under ignite did not disappoint, and had I not been too stupid to keep my ‘jacks further than 3” apart, the Avatar could have been more useful. There isn’t any part of the battle that I can blame on the list however, and I will be trying it out again before I make any changes.

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