Monday, December 17, 2012

Vessel of Judgement

Finally, I have finished the most complicated model in the history of models. Maybe not, but this was a pretty difficult one to paint. At a tournament last Saturday, I was the only Menoth player to field one that had progressed beyond primer, so I'm not the only one that dreaded this thing.

There is no metallic paint on this model. Everything is done in NMM. It turned out very good on the organ pipes.

I painted the brand up as if it were pretty fresh. I washed the area with Druchii Violet, and then used Evil Sun Scarlet to trace the interior of it.

A good shot of the Menofix laid into the road. The base is carved into polymer clay. It isn't the sturdiest of basing materials though, so I pinned each wheel down through the base.

A full shot from the right side. You can see the glow effect coming out of the side pretty good here.

This is a great model, and it looks fantastic, but I am glad it is over and done with.

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