Sunday, December 30, 2012

Troop Tray: 7th Armored

I started making troop trays for tournament use recently. They are really handy for moving your army around from table to table, and they provide a good surface to show off your painting skills.

This is one that I made for my 7th Armored Division in Flames of war for a 1200 pt Late War tournament. I know that all of the tanks aren't on it during the photos.

I used two pieces of 1/8" MDF. On the top piece I laid out my platoons and traced them. Then I cut out each of the tracings with a jigsaw. Next I glued them together and then flocked and textured the board.

The key to all things in modelling is asymmetry. Putting the crossroads off center and on an angle adds visual interest to the board.

When put together, the platoon forms a narrow road flanked by hedges. Here is a good shot of some dough boys. You can see their sweet shoulder patches too!

Unfortunately, these platoons have all been painted at different times, and their basing doesn't match...still looks pretty good anyways.

The half tracks coming down the road

The Company Commander in an M4A1 Sherman.

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