Sunday, December 16, 2012

Battle Report: The Board Room, 35 pt SR

Had a great afternoon of gaming yesterday at 'The Board Room,' in Saginaw MI. 18 people gathered to do battle for the chance of winning a Colossal or Gargantuan. I arrived with Mark, Ray, and a host of True Believers ready to win me a Judicator.

My 2 lists:



Vessel of Judgement
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

Max Zealots +UA
Min Choir

Kreoss 1


Vessel of Judgement
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth

Max Exemplar Errants +UA
Errant Seneschal
Min Choir

Game 1
In my first game I was paired up with Chris Y (I think). I honestly don't remember anything about this game, or what pieces he was using other than Nemo 3 was his caster. I chose Kreoss for my caster. I killed Nemo on turn 2 with the Pop n Drop.  1-0

Game 2
In my second game I got paired up against Ray and his accursed Cryx. Playing against Ray is never a good idea. He choose Terminus for his caster and the game was on. Up to this point in my numerous campaigns, I have never played or played against Terminus.

Ray's List:

Withershadow Combine
2 Stitch Thralls
Max Mechanithralls
Max Bloodgorgers + Gerlak
Max Ogrun Boarding Party
Slayer for Reinforcements

The battle turned into a brutal melee. The high point of the game was when Harby cast Cataclysm twice in one turn to kill the Slayer and the Stalker. Unfortunately, you can describe Ray's army as Threat Saturation. I  simply couldn't deal with such a large amount of models. I was eventually overwhelmed, though not before I killed 3/4 of his army. The game was almost called on time before Terminus charged Harbinger... 1-1

Game 3
This time I was facing Tony and his Khadorian forces. I felt good in this match-up because of his low model count. This is his list as close as I remember. I chose Harby again for this game.

2 Kodiak
Doom Reavers +UA
Koldun Lord

It didn't take long for this game to turn into a nail biter. Like an idiot, I left the zone on my side of the table undefended for no reason whatsoever. When Tony moved towards the center and started killing my Zealots that were contesting the Objective, I was forced to use Martyrdom to stop him from claiming 2 control points in one turn. Somehow I survived that turn, and managed to regain the momentum. I killed every model he had before winning the game, and Vlad ended up dying to a pair of boosted Cataclysms. 2-1

Game 4
In the final game I played against Ed and some more Cygnar. He was a great opponent and we had a relaxing and fun last game of the night. I choose to use Kreoss once more. His army was something like this: 

Nemo 2
Storm Strider
Black 13th
Gun Mage Captain Adept

Scenario: Incursion

This was a really strange game, and neither of us was scoring a decisive blow. As the time was running out, we were  tied 2-2 in control points. He had killed off my front line of Errants, and I had managed to kill an entire Storm Caller... We each had a battle engine contesting the center objective, and the objective on the right was being controlled by a Charger. Dispatching it would have been easy if the Vanquisher on that side of the board wasn't disrupted. Kreoss was too far away to walk up and cast spells on it, so I moved up the choir and cast Hymn of Battle. I then charged the choir with Kreoss and got the range to cast on the Charger twice. I pumped a shot from the battle engine and one from the Redeemer into the Charger before the Vanquisher moved into b2b with the flag and finished it off. I scored the final control point and won the game. 3-1

I haven't played in a tournament in quite some time, and I had lots of fun. Ray went on to win the tourney as well as a Kraken, so I didn't feel too bad about losing to him. I strongly recommend that people who have never gone to tournaments start going. It is the best place to play a bunch of games against different playstyles and meet some good guys. Don't go to win at all costs, go to have a good time regardless of the outcome. 

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