Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Basing: Forest Ruins

I thought I would share some of my insights on basing models. After building several armies for Flames of War, where the base is probably more important than the figures in the appearance of the game, I have came up with quite a few tricks to make cool looking bases.

I have been experimenting with casting my own resin bases lately, and this is one of them, a forest base with a small patch of flagstones and a tree trunk. I figure that there used to be a stone building here a hundred years ago, and the forest is reclaiming it.

This is one of my resin bases. I drilled a pilot hole where the Wold Guardian's Foot will set in. I primed it with Rustoleum grey.

I basecoated everything with Dryad Bark, and painted the rim Abbadon Black. I won't paint the front arc until the model is on it. Forest floors are always dark from decaying leaves and needles.

I did some drybrushing on the base. I used Baneblade Brown, Administratum Grey, and Nurgling Green on the bark. I washed the inside of the tree with Talarn Sand. I used Dawnstone on the flagstones and the rocks.

Another stage of drybrushing. The colors here might surprise you though. Over the ground I used Lucious Lilac and Kindleflame. Purple is a very common color in nature, as is orange. The key here is to keep the forest floor fairly dark. I hit the meat of the tree with Tyrant Skull.

I brightened up the center of the flagstones and rocks with some Administratum Grey.

I put some thinned down white glue on the areas where I wanted the leaves to go. Forest floors are usually pretty barren. Not much fresh vegetation grows in a thick forest, so I am keeping this base simple to represent that.

I finish the base with 2 colors of leaves and 3 colors of Noch Meadow Flora, which look like smaller leaves to me. Blending colors and textures is the key to realistic basing.

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