Friday, November 9, 2012

Terrain Workshop: Khador Coal Hopper

It is no secret that I love good looking terrain. I also prefer more pieces of a smaller size than having a few larger pieces on the board. I think it makes for a more tactical and dynamic game, and doesn't create large choke points. So I decided to make some smaller pieces for the battlefield.

I am kinda tired of making standard terrain pieces: forest, hill, etc..... and thought that I should start coming up with thematic pieces. So at work we were mulling over terrain ideas and I came up with a coal hopper. Warjacks need coal to operate, and it would make sense that the great nations would have hoppers scattered around their territories to refuel their 'jacks. So I set to work, making a cheap, good looking coal hopper.

1. Materials: four 1.5" x 1.5" pieces of foam core. Four plastic angles. A couple pieces of plasticard slats. A piece of blue foam. A piece of cardboard (this is a cereal box). A 3" wooden circle.

2 Using tacky glue and some sewing pins, glue all of the piece of foam core together to form a square.

3 Use the sides of the box to figure out how wide you need to make your cardboard rectangles. I made these 2 1/4" tall,. They need to be taller than the foam core box so the foam can fit inside.

4. Glue the cardboard onto the box.

5. Glue the angles on the box so it stands above the ground. Round off the top of the foam so it becomes a base for your pile of coal.

6. I cut out a Khador symbol and glued it to the box. You could put any symbol you wanted on this.

7. Cut a piece of cardboard for the bottom of the box. I glued a nut to a washer and glued that to the bottom of the box as well...there needs to be a way to get the coal out!

8. Using matte medium, glue kitty litter onto the blue foam. I attached a short brass rod to a gear and glued that the one of the legs. I figured there should be some sort of mechanism to open and close the coal chute.

9. Paint it up! I used the Old Iron technique here. I glued a couple of brass rods to plasticard rectangles to make shovels and glued them into a pile of coal. Mourn Mountain Snow finishes off the base nicely.

Finished! In game I would consider this an impassable obstruction that blocks LOS and grants cover.

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