Thursday, November 15, 2012

Super Dungeon: Kobold Flinger

Here is another minion from Super Dungeon. I didn't want to paint all of the Consul's pieces red/orange like the studio art, so I painted the kobolds green. You don't have many opportunities to paint models bright green and still look right, but that is why this game is great.

The triad for the kobolds is Moot Green, Zandri Dust, and Deathclaw Brown.

Looks like he needs another layer of dullcote! The eye turned out pretty sharp. The top half is Tau Light Ochre, the bottom half is Flash Gitz Yellow. There is a small stroke of Screaming Skull on the bottom half of the eye. The iris is Abbadon Black, and there is a small highlight of White Scar touching the iris in the top half of the eye.

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