Saturday, November 17, 2012

Super Dungeon: Claw Tribe Barbarian

I finally got brave enough to paint my first hero piece. I have a feeling this will be my wife's character whenever she breaks down and plays this with us.

Even though I am not painting armies here, you can still see that I am building a triad for each character to harmonize their color composition. Her red hair and orange skin are balanced out by the blue fur. The Citadel colors are Wazzdaka Red, Deathclaw Brown, Ulthuan Grey.

I did a step by step for the non metallic metal treatment on her axe and armor, but the photos didn't turn out well. I will redo it when I paint up the Hearthsworn Fighter. I am really enjoying the NMM technique. It looks so much better than the usual technique of a metallic paint with a wash and a drybrush.

Painting manga eyes is pretty challenging. It takes a very steady hand to put all of the colors in the right place. I will put up a tutorial before I finish the heroes up. Although they took quite a while to paint, the effect is worth it.

The hair is basecoated in Khorne Red, layered with Wazzdaka Red (not sure if I am spelling that right, but I am too lazy to check), then I streaked in Pink Horror starting from the tips of each hair clump. After that, I did a final  layer of streaks in Emporer's Children on the very tips of the hair clumps. Be careful when using pink colors when highlighting, it is easy to give her pink hair instead of pink highlights.

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