Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dawnlord Vyros

I picked up some Retribution awhile ago to play in a Journeyman League that never got off the ground, but in addition to the battlegroup, I picked up a couple units, solos, and a few other casters. Among these Warcasters was the Dawnlord Vyros.

He looked pretty fun to play, and he was a pretty cool piece, so I decided to get him painted.

One of the things that drew me to Retribution was the pure white armor. Any painter knows that painting solid blocks of white is a tremendous challenge, but I knew I had to tackle it. Painting the white armor on a warrior model is several times easier than painting it on a warjack. I better do a tutorial on painting Retribution White one of these days.

For warrior models, basecoat all of the armor with Celestra Grey. Paint the non shadowed parts of the armor with Ulthuan Grey, and use White Scar for the extreme highlights. It has a very nice effect. I guess I was feeling good today since I even painted his eye..

I went with a grey green color for his cloak to keep with the military theme. It is basecoated Castellan Green, then layered with Straken Green, and finally highlighted with Nurgling Green.

For the base I did some glowing, swirly runes.

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