Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Battle Report: Epic Krueger vs Jarl

Last night I got a game with my Epic Krueger list. I was pretty nervous as this was my first run with a Circle army, and Brice plays trolls exclusively.

I rolled up terrain using my Old Battlefield chart. There was a trench near the center of the board, a forest and a hill on one side, and a trench and a structure on the other. In addition there was a wreck marker on each side as well. The Scenario was Overrun.

Krueger 2 vs Jarl, 50 points

Krueger 2
Wold Warden

Druids + UA
Lord of the Feast
Gallows Grove


Fennblades + UA

Turn 1

I won the roll and chose to go first. Brice chose the board edge with the forest and the hill. I deployed my battlegroup centrally, with the druids on my left flank and the bloodweavers on the right.  I moved up fairly aggressively. I put the druids in front of my force and clouded up.

Brice moved forward with everything. The Burrowers went underground. Jarl used his feat and fueled up the Krielstone. He rolled a 4, and put down 5 clouds...

Turn 2

I couldn't target anything with all of those clouds on the board, so I moved into the zone with a few pieces, placed Krueger in a corner of the center trench and used his feat.  I caught most of his army in it. The druids clouded up again.

Brice couldn't get much done between the speed debuff from my feat and the ranged debuff from Stormwall. Some of the Fennblades charged the bloodweavers and got a couple of kills. The burrowers popped up and wasted a few druids, jamming my front line in the process. Jarl shot a couple of his burrowers and bounced magic bullets into my Druid overseer and another druid.

Turn 3

Brice had the upperhand here in positioning, but I saw a chance for an assassination, so I went for it. Lord of the Feast used Raven to teleport to a burrower and killed 4 of them, clearing a charge lane for my Stalker. The Gorax put primal on the sword wielding Warp Wolf. Krueger used Telekenesis to move him an extra 2 inches. And the lowly Gallows Grove teleported to within 3" of Jarl...No tough rolls for you. The Stalker charged and murdered Jarl, even though he had 2 transfers. The Stalker is a sweet beast.


We were both happy with the game. He played Jarl a little farther out front than was safe, but he hasn't seen the circle threat ranges first hand yet. I think my list is pretty solid, but more playtesting will be needed.

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