Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Painting Black

I thought I would do a companion piece to my Painting White tutorial, and the Sanctifier was a good opportunity to show you how to paint black well. I apologize for the bad reflections in the photos. The flash was not agreeing with me that night.

I think black is one of the hardest colors to paint well. When I first started painting black I would basecoat the area grey and then put a black wash on it. It never turned out very well. I know at least a few other people who have tried that approach as well.

The key to painting convincing black is to keep the highlights small. It is very easy over highlight black areas until they look like they were supposed to be grey. A good rule of thumb when painting black is to leave at least half of the area pure black.

How to paint black in 6 steps. Enjoy.

1. Basecoat the area black. Like all basecoats, this is the foundation we will be building on, so make sure the coverage is good. Since i prime all warjacks with Army Painter Platemail, I put two coats of black on his armor to ensure complete coverage.

2. I layer about half of the armor plates with thin Eshin Grey. Don't worry about the edges, we will feather those in later.

3. Using Dawnstone, cover half of the Eshin Grey.

4. I put a thin highlight of Warpfiend Grey on the sharp edges of the armor.

5. Soften the edges of the colors with feathering.

6. Using 1/1/1 black, glazing medium, and water, glaze over all the armor to help tie everything together. An easy way to paint black without any complicated techniques.  Sorry about the glare here, but you can see the finished effect in my post on the Sanctifier.

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