Monday, October 1, 2012

How to paint Menoth White

I have been painting  a lot of Menoth lately and I have gotten pretty good at painting off-white. I usually paint  three layers of color on a model, but I have been ambitious lately and started painting 5 layers on the large areas of white. The results look amazing and add a lot of depth to the model. Below are the steps that I took to create the dramatic white effect. I am using GW paints for this, but you can use any brand you like, the principals are all there. Enjoy.

1. Base coat of Zandri Dust. I paint pretty thinly, so this took me two coats. I base coated the rest of the model before I fully developed the white color. Some painters like to complete one color at a time, but I like to base coat everything first, then wash everything that needs a shade, then render my colors.

2. This step is kind of hard to see. I started to put in shadows with Baneblade Brown. Don't worry about exact placement yet as it can be easily changed later on.

3. I add in the main color here, Screaming Skull. Because this is the main color, I am going to give it about 50% of the surface area. This took two thin coats.

4. I ease the transition between the Baneblade Brown and the Screaming Skull with Karak Stone. Don't worry about stark transitions. We will feather those in later.

5. Add in the darkest color now. I am using Warpfiend Grey, which is a very muted purple. Using a contrast for the shadow color really helps the main color pop. I put this down in fairly thin lines.

6. Add in the lightest color. In this case, White Scar. I put this on in thin lines just like the Warpfiend Grey. Putting down thin highlights stops them from overpowering your main color.

7. Now that all of the basic colors are in place, clean up the transitions and then finish the model.

8. Slay some infidels.

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