Thursday, October 25, 2012

Circle List: Mohsar

For my third Circle warlock, I have finally decided upon Mohsar the Desertwalker. He has always intrigued me, but I was never really sold on him. Although he has a great spell list, I am usually a fan of killer feats, and his really isn't.

On the plus side, I think feats that aren't game changing make you play better. I have a tendency to play casters with great feats as walking feats. Rather than focusing on one of your warlocks abilities, you focus on all of them. Against Hordes, his feat is pretty useful, against Warmachines it can only shut down arc nodes for a turn.

Having 8 focus is great for a spell oriented warlock like Mohsar. His control area covers most of the board, and he has plenty of focus to upkeep his spells and cast a few more.

Crevasse has the potential to take out back line support models with ease. The short range of the spell limits its use from Mohsar, but that is why we have Wolds.

Curse of Shadows is a terrific spell for Circle, since some of our beasts are a bit pillow fisted.

Mirage can increase the threat range of a model/unit by 2." Not only can it increase threat ranges, but it can be used to disengage Bloodtrackers from melee so they can aim and throw their javelins.

Pillar of Salt requires some foresight to use properly, but when put in the right spot, it can soak up many attacks as well as cause order of activation problems for the enemy.

Sands of Fate can be used to get Mohsar into melee (yikes) or more likely, let him retreat to safety after moving up and casting spells. With 6 focus after Sands of Fate, he can take out some other casters who have old man stats like himself.

Sunhammer is underwhelming at first glance, but with his large control area he should be affecting most of the enemies heavy hitters every turn. Every little bit of damage counts!

Here is my 50pt Mohsar list:


Druid Wilder
Warpwolf Stalker
Gnarlhorn Satyr

Tharn Bloodtrackers +UA
Wold Stalkers
Tharn Bloodweavers

The Wilder and Megalith will form a self sufficient unit that can arc Crevasse or Curse of Shadows around the battlefield. With 4 fury, Megalith should be able to keep his Animus up most of the time, creating 12" of rough terrain and lowering the Def of enemies within it.

The Stalker, Gnarlhorn, and Gorax will be able to take care of heavy threats that I may run up against.

The Bloodtrackers are my anti-infantry component to the army. They are also a prime target for Mirage as well as Sands of Fate.

The Bloodweavers are my toolbox here. They are the only means I have of dispelling magic. With Gang they can take out infantry and solos well. If the enemy warcaster/warlock is living, they can get 4d6 +11 damage against them on a charge attack.

I put the Woldstalkers in for some ranged support. Concentrated Fire can bring their damage up to a respectable pow 16. If they attack a target within 5" of Megalith, they are almost sure to hit!

All of this is Theorymachine, but I think it will work out pretty well.

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