Saturday, October 20, 2012

Battle Rep: Harby vs Kallus

Had a good game vs Brandon the other day. Here is how it went down.

50 pt Harbinger vs Kallus
Choir (Min)
Exemplar Errants + UA
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Knights Exemplar
Rupert Carvolo

Legion of Everblight
                2 Shredders
Warmongers (Max)
Hex Hunters (Max)

Scenario: Overrun

Turn One
Brandon won the roll and chose to go first. Mostly he moved forward. I did the same. Hymn of passage on my warjacks.

Turn Two
Brandon  moves his beasts forward and makes a few ranged attacks. I martyr two Knight Exemplar Errants back to life and suffer 2 damage.
On my turn I feed the guardian two focus and the Reckoner 3. The avatar receives 4 focus. Harbinger moves up, uses her feat, casts purification and crusaders call.
Knights Exemplar Errants move forward and put shots into the warmongers and a shepherd.
Avatar charges and creams the Scythean. Reckoner creams the carnivean. Guardian charges and kills 3 warmongers.
Knights exemplar charge the hex hunters. The dead are replaced with incubi.

Turn Three
Brandon is on the ropes.  Kallus uses his feat. The Angelius tries to kill the avatar but fails. The Hex hunters kill all but one Knight Exemplar. Warmongers do a little damage to the guardian.
Guardian kills the warmongers. Avatar kills the Angelius. Reckoner works on the hex hunters and incubi.
Errants shoot at the hex  hunters but only manage to make more incubi.

Turn Four
Brandon doesn’t do very much this turn. He only has less than 10 models on the board.
I move the errants around to shoot at kallus. I do 2 or 3 damage to him. My jacks advance. I move the harbinger up and throw out 2 cataclysms to kill hex hunters. Some become incubi. I try to screen the harbinger with some choir and Rupert.

Turn Five
Brandon places his incubi, and they can be put within 2” of their marker, which means that two of them can charge the harbinger. She dies.

The army performed well. Had I known about the placing of the incubi, I could have effectively screened Harby, and possibly won the game,  but I had to learn about them  one way or another. I am not impressed with Knight Exemplars. 

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