Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bases: Bloodstone Marches

Here is my first installment in basing instruction. This is a simple way to give your Skorne or Protectorate army a wasteland theme. Not sure about you, but I can't stand when every army has a green grass base.

Bloodstone Marches in 4 steps!

1. I mixed Skrag Brown with texture medium (here I am using Liquitex Blended Fiber Medium) and applied it all over the base. I let that dry overnight and then super glued a piece of torn up cork for a rock.

2. I painted the cork with Mechanicus Standard Grey and added some splotches of Deathclaw Brown. It is important to make the rocks contrast with the rest of the base. I push the rocks to the blue side of the spectrum to give me the best contrast with the blood colored sand.

Sorry, but this is a bit out of focus. Adding the splotches of Deathclaw Brown will make the base look more realistic in the end.

3. I drybrushed the ground with Terminatus Stone. I drybrushed the rocks with Etherium Blue followed by Praxeti White.

See how the drybrushing ties it all together?

4. To finish up we add some vegetation. Remember that deserts have plants too! Just don't make them as green as a base for a temperate climate.  When adding vegetation to a base I like to add at least two different textures of material. In this example I am using three. Here I use GF9 Summerblend Flock, GF9 Straw Static Grass, and Army Painter Winter Tuft.

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