Friday, September 28, 2012


I was hoping to have started on the Vessel of Judgement, but one of the parts was a miscast, so I decided to work on a couple of light jacks. I haven't played Menoth below 50 points yet, so I have only run heavy jacks, but with the right support I think the Redeemer is going to be driving my gaming buddies nuts.

I went with a more dramatic shading on the white armor plating, and am pleased with the effect. It looks better in person than it does up close in a photo, but you can see the process clearly. The white plates take 5 colors to do. When I paint up my second Reckoner I will put up a tutorial on painting dramatic whites.

To add some more contrast to the model, I washed all of the metal with Druuchi Violet to maximize the purple/yellow effect of the Menoth palette.

2nd view

3rd view

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