Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kraken: Finished!

The Kraken is finally finished! This may be the most unstable colossal so far. Since I was too lazy to find my camera cable last night, this is two days worth of photos. Enjoy!

A pile of junk that will look like ship wreckage. The planks are just balsa and I have cut some plastic barrels in half. The prow is made with a dowel rod, a piece of thick balsa that I cut on my scroll saw, some cut up cheez it boxes for metal bands, and an Anima Tactics Church Agent pinned to the wood.

I glued the wreckage to the base. I put some planks under his other leg to give the model some more stability.

I have the glow all done here. I put a basecoat of Moot Green down, layered with Flash Gitz Yellow, with a tighter layer of White Scar, then glazed with Lamenter's Yellow.

Here is a close up of the prow. I think it is called a prow. The prow and the planks are basecoated in XV-88.

Now the finished Helljack! I still need to glosscoat the water, but I didn't want to wait another day before I posted this.

A close up of the prow and some wreckage with rough water. The water is Fenrisian Grey and Structure Gel applied with a toothpick.

A front view. Stupid tentacles make focusing difficult.

Here is a back view.

A close up of the prow with the corroded statue.

A close up of the finished hull.

Another colossal done. The fact that I own absolutely no Cryx is not important!

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