Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kraken: Day 3

So I skipped work today to work on the Kraken some more.....I'm almost positive it was the right move.

1. I started out by carefully washing/glazing all of the gold with coelia greenshade to give it that blighted Cryx look.

2. Next I took a junky old brush and stippled Mournfang Brown on the model to simulate rust. Your brush will probably leave the paint in a pattern when you stipple with it. To avoid a pattern look, rotate your brush 90 degrees or so after each motion.

3. Using the same technique as the rust, apply Kabalite Green to simulate corrosion on the gold areas. Try to concentrate the color in crevasses and corners or other areas where corrosion would naturally start collecting. (The same goes for rust as well.)

4. Now we are going back over the rust with Deathclaw Brown. I am using a smaller brush and trying to paint inside of the patches of Mournfang Brown. If you spill over...nobody cares, it is rust after all. When painting rust, be careful not to pick a strong orange color. Your rust will end up looking like neon marking paint instead of weathing. Stick to your neutral oranges!!!

5. Just as before, using a smaller brush we are going to hit the corrosion areas with Sybarite Green. Real corrosion can be blue, green, purple, or anything inbetween. You can choose a different color if you want, but the Sybarite green has found its way into some other Cryx models, so I am using it to keep the army cohesive.

NOTE: Don't worry about getting too much rust or corrosion on the model. We will come back afterwards and reclaim any areas that got too much attention!

6. Using Athonian Camoshade, I darken up all of the rivets on the hull and add some water stains.

I may be able to finish it by tomorrow...only time will tell however. I do need to start painting Menoth again...

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