Monday, September 10, 2012

Kraken: Day 2

I made some good progress on the Kraken today. He is ready to be detailed and weathered now. I bought some materials to finish his base up, but I haven't assembled the shipwreck yet.

1. I basecoated all of the gold components with Balthasar Gold.

2. I layered twice with a thin mixture of Tallarn Sand followed by two thin layers of Ogryn Camo.

3. I finished the gold parts by layering with Sycorax Bronze followed by a finer layer of Sycorax Bronze and Runefang Steel.

4. The silver metal got a layer of Leadbelcher, followed by Ironbreaker, then a drybrush of Necron Compound.

Now I am off to make a shipwreck for him to tower over! See ya tomorrow.

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