Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Battle Report: Jarl vs Vindictus

Brice and I got in a 50 pointer last night. He had recently acquired Jarl and I had recently painted up Vindictus, so the challenge was made.

Brice's Force:


Long Riders (min)
Fennblades (max)

Fell Caller

My Force:

Reckoner (Yes, I am horrible)

Cinerators (max)
Bastions (max)
Holy Zealots + Monlith Bearer (max)
Choir (min)


Scenario was Restoration. I randomized terrain and won the starting roll. I chose to go second.

Brice deployed the Long Riders and Horthol on his right flank, Fennblades and Fell Caller on his left flank, Runeshapers, Janissa, and his battlegroup in the center. Burrowers advance deploy centrally.

I deployed my battlegroup to the right of center to avoid a forest. Vindictus was lined up with the forest, surrounded by Zealots. I had the Cinerators on my right flank (across from his Fennblades) and Bastions on my left flank (across from the Long Riders)

Turn One
Brice cast Quicken on the Fennblades and runs everything across the table.

I cast Defenders Ward on the Bastions, cast True Path, and run everything forward. I use my feat with Vindy (a turn early i suppose), and I use the mini feat from the Monolith Bearer to make my Zealots invincible. I assault forward with the reckoners and take out two burrowers.

Turn Two
Brice charges forward. 3 Fennblades connect with Cinerators and one Cinerator dies. (3 fennblades fall to the feat) The Long Riders get to Bull Rush into the Bastions but only cause minor damage. Janissa puts up a wall and Jarl uses his feat to place 5 clouds on the table and mess up my shooting.

Cinerators kill some Fennblades and light the rest on fire. Bastions do some damage to the Long Riders and dismount Horthol. Zealots move into the clouds and throw bombs at the earthborn dire troll. I do several damage to the troll, Jarl, Janissa, and all three Runeshapers. My jacks can't shoot anything, so they move forward for next turn.

Turn Three
After fire, there are only two Fennblades left.  Jarl doesn't dispel his fire and suffers some damage. The burrowers pop up and charge into my three jacks. One of the Reckoners loses his gun. Horthol and the Longriders do some minor damage to the Bastions. The earthborn can't charge any good target, so he hangs back a bit. The Fell Caller and two remaining Runeshapers kill the entire unit of Zealots!

The Bastions clear out all but one of the Long Riders along with Horthol. The Cinerators clear out my other flank. I have a low percentage spell assassination on Jarl but I decline to take it and back Vindictus up. The Vanquisher uses thresher to clear out a bunch of Burrowers. One Reckoner kills a burrower, and the last Reckoner Tramples over two that have passed tough checks. The Reckoner buys an additional attack against the Earthborn and does decent damage.

Turn Four
I thought I was safe, but Brice can get an earthborn on top of Vindictus this turn. A Runeshaper knocks down the Reckoner engaging the Earthborn. Janissa moves the Reckoner toward a table edge, giving the Earthborn a clear charge lane. The Impalers try to Crit Slam the Vanquisher to knock him over so he won't get a free strike on the Earthborn as it charges by. They fail. The Earthborn charges through the melee range of a Bastion and the Vanquisher and I roll great on both free strikes, and the Earthborn ceases to exist. Brice forfiets.

That was a fun game. I liked how my army worked, and I won't be tweaking it until I get a few more games with it.

Jarl seems like a good warlock. Brice and I talked about some changes that he could make to improve the list, but it was pretty solid still. We found out that he plays a lot more aggressive when he doesn't take the KSB.

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