Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anastasia Di Bray

Another Merc to add to my arsenal! I think that Anastasia really needs a hat to be a sweet model. I saw her in a Steampunk hat before on the forums, but decided to go a different way. My sister recently tried on a musketeer hat at the Renaissance Fair, which she looked great in by the way, and although she refused to wear it in public, I knew it has the hat for Anastasia.

This is only the second hat that I have ever made using Green Stuff (The first being a cowboy hat for Grim Angus!) but I think it turned out good. The feathers and round pin are made from super thin plasticard.

Here she is from the back.

A close up of the hat. I better get a more vibrant purple to touch up that middle feather, but you get the idea.

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