Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Speed Painting a Ravagore

I am working on a painting scheme for a buddy of mine who isn't a hardcore painter like I am. Having a fully painted army with good looking models isn't that hard and it doesn't have to take that much time to complete.

The two simplest techniques to use on a miniature are washing and drybrushing. This Ravagore is completed with only those two techniques.

Step 1: Priming- I primed the dragonspawn in Army Painter Wolf Grey.

Step 2: Wash- Wash all of the chitin areas with Agrax Earthshade

Step 3: Drybrush- Put a heavy drybrush of Sybarite Green onto the skin. Drybrush the Chitin with Longbeard Grey. Paint the icy breath, eyes, and teeth with Ceramite white.

Step 4: Finish! Drybrush the skin with Hellion Green. Drybrush the spikes and claws with Terminatus Stone.
Put a blue glaze on the icy breath, teeth, and eyes.

Finish the base up and you are done. There you have it, a good looking Ravagore that took me less than 30 minutes.

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