Saturday, August 25, 2012

Speed Painting: Angelius

I got another legion beast painted up using only drybrushing and washes. Brandon uses the Angelius quite often, so I thought I would get it painted up for him. 

Step 1: Army Painter Spray Primer in Wolf Grey.

Step 2: Wash the spikes and chitin with Agrax earthshade.

Step 3: Wash the wings with Druuchi Violet. I also washed the mouth and gills with Druuchi Violet but I didn't get a picture of it.

Step 4: Drybrush all of the flesh with Sybarite Green.

Step 5: Drybrush the gills, mouth, and tongue with Changeling Pink.

Step 6: Drybrush the skin with Hellion Green.

Step 7: Drybrush the entire model with Terminatus Stone. Do a little extra drybrushing on the spines.

Back view of step 7.

Step 8: Finish the base up, drybrush the teeth white.

Final back view.

There it is, another great looking model that took less than an hours work!

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