Friday, August 24, 2012

Conquest vs Stormwall Battle Rep

I finally got to field the Conquest. I was using Vlad, hoping to maximize the effectiveness of Signs and Portents with the Conquest. Mark was fielding Nemo 3, hoping to chain lightning my entire army.

My Deployment. Vlad, Conquest, and Spriggan in the middle. Kayazy and Underboss on the left flank, Winterguard and UA on the Right. Manhunter deployed in the center.

Marks Deployment: Stormwall in the center with rangers ahead. Boomhowler on the right flank with Thorn. Nemo 3 and his groupie in the center. Epic Eiryss and Black 13th on the far right.

We start to  clash in the center of the board. Most of my infantry has been electricuted by this time. Stupid Cygnar.

Spriggan eats Thorn!

Colossals face off...yet neither one can charge the other.

Charging Boomhowlers can't take down the conquest.

Vlad tries to take down the Stormwall....unsuccessfully.

While he can't be hit...he can be shocked to death...Poor Vlad.

This was my first run with a colossal, and I wasn't impressed. It is very easy to get intimidated by their size and their stat cards. In this game, neither colossal had that much effect on the game. I will continue to field the conquest, and see how I can make it work.

Here are a few thoughts that I had during the game with the conquest:
5" bases cause problems on the board.
Epic Eiryss and Gorman can shut down a 19pt model fairly easily.
2 Juggernaughts and the Great bears cost the same points as the Conquest...

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  1. I agree that colossals don't do as much as we sometimes think they will. They're good at 50. I think they suck too many good options away at 35.