Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Conquest! My first Colossal

I wasn't planning on buying a Colossal, especially since I am not playing Khador at the moment, but the store had it and I have next to no willpower, so here it is.

The model was very easy to assemble, and there wasn't too much flashing to take care of either. I assembled it that night after work, and washed and rinsed it the next night. The following day I primed it grey, and then primed it with Army Painter Platemail. I washed all of the parts that were to remain metal and let those dry overnight. I estimate that I spent between 8 and 10 hours painting it, but it was worth it.

The all-red Khador scheme never really appealed to me, although in all fairness no studio scheme has ever appealed to me. Instead I went for a grey camo that could work in the snow or in an urban environment. I am nearly one hundred percent sure that no amount of camo could ever conceal this monster, but the grey goes well with Khador Red.

I like my models to be a little battle worn, and this Conquest has been in its fair share of scraps. I tried not to go overboard on the chips, rust, and corrosion, but I like how the effects turned out.

Only one trencher was harmed in the painting of this model


  1. Nice details on the paint scheme. I can't wait to remove this thing from the table with lightning bolts. ;)